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Doublet Opal Ring Oval Cut Ring

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  • Color: Blue Greenish Red Flash
  • Grade: N5-N6
  • Shape: Oval Cut
  • Material: Doublet Oval Inlay
  • Origination: Australia
  • Mounting: .925 2.48
  • Firecolor: Red Flash Pinfire
  • Luster: Transparent
  • Matching: n/a
  • Nacre: n/a
  • Size: .84CT
  • Surface: Polished
  • Inclusions: Very Slight Inclusion

Doublet Opal Ring Oval Cut .84CT CZ.07 .925 2.48. Gorgeous doublet opal ring oval cut harlequin pattern grade N5-N6 light opal. This opal displays a beautiful multicolor play of color blue dominant, secondary green with special sparkles featuring every color of the rainbow including rare play of color such as pinfire red flash. Cubic Ziron is carefully mounted in the fine .925 sterling silver mounting characterized by a single strand on the left and right sides of the opal. Learn more about about light opals here Light Opals