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Selecting the Right Product and Quality Check

Selecting the Right Product

Selecting the right size of pearl and necklace length foryou or that right gift, Gem On recommends following these guidelines.
  1. Sizing Matters: Large cultured pearls do not look appropriate on a petite lady and the opposite for small cultured pearls.
  2. Pearls love to be touched: This is what separates natural cultured pearls from costume jewelry! They are different, they feel smooth, and are alive. The pearl goes through changes over time and should never be exposed to harsh chemical such as hair spray or perfumes.
We have the skills to tailor the appropriate needs of style whether it is loose pearls, already made pearl jewelry and focus on your interests. We will offer our honest opinion and help guide you toward making a decision with confidence.

Quality Check

  1. Become educated: Please see Seven Value Pearl Grading Factors of GIA and to learn about pearl values, values are reported on each product page and GIA report (if requested). To provide our clients with further assurance of quality, all of our pearls and graded strands are available with a report from the Gemological Institute of America--the most prestigious non-profit gemological institute in the world. Gem On Jewelry, LLC ensures each pearl and pearl strand will be of equal or greater quality of GIA standards. Gem On Jewelry, LLC guarantees their pearls with a no questions asked, 30-day money back guaranty.
  2. Understand the difference: Gem On Jewelry, LLC understands that our clients will want to be educated and understand the difference of our quality and that of competitors. At Gem On, we establish our online sales relationship and consulting through email or by phone. We are available to increase your knowledge of pearls, instill confidence and develop a trusting respect with our customers,therefore we encourage our customers to visit competitors so that you make a well educated guess.
Please contact our Pearl Graduate Specialist 2:30pm – 9:30pm PST at 831-531-4381 x1, Customer Service, or by emailing carol@gemonjewelry.com.