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Pinctada Maxima

  • Origin: Australia, Philippines, Indonesia
  • Mollusk: Silver Lipped/Gold Lipped
  • Species: Pintada Maxima
  • Colors: Golden, Silver, Champagne, White, Cream, Yellow, & Orangey Yellow
  • Size Range: 7.0mm – 20mm
  • Shape: All Shapes
  • Birthstone: June
Hue! Tone! Saturation! Body color! Overtone! Orient!  All are common terms to describe all pearls.  Visit our GIA section GIA Seven Pearl Factors. White South Sea Cultured Pearls are the largest on the market!  The P. Maxima cultures thick nacre and soft luster, rarity is in the matching of all GIA seven value factors when creating a beautiful necklace.

The Value Factors of Owning South Sea Pearl Jewelry

With such a broad range of sizes, colors, and prices of the south sea pearl, designers will match Pinctada Maxima with many variety of jewelry metals such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and .925 silver. Gem On Jewelry, LLC designs white, yellow and cream south sea cultured pearls on beautiful gold and affordable .925 to our customers whom prefer to own south sea yet affordable.  Large and round high quality pearls are very appealing today, we have featured both small and large sizes, Gem On uses larger pearls for pendants and earrings, the sizes range 12-18mm pearls.

What are the distinctive characteristics of Pinctada Maxima South Sea Pearls?

South Sea cultured pearls have three distinguishing characteristics: thick nacre, satiny luster, and a subtle array of colors. The Pinctada Maxima mollusks contribute to 3mm per radius. Undisturbed, Pinctada Maxima can grow in the wild to 30cm.  The Pinctada Maximum pearl growth period is two to four years, maximum up to six years  compared to Akoya (Pintada Fucata) pearls with smaller nacre and growth time of six to twenty four months.  Most Pinctada Maxima mollusks have an amazing pearl growth .  The soft and satiny luster makes this a favorite of Gem On Jewelry, LLC Designs.  South Sea pearls in cream body, white, grey and yellow hues usually have a gorgeous satiny luster.

White South Sea Pearls in Gem On Jewelry

White south sea pearls in jewelry are truly stunning and can create some the most unique designs!  Gem on designs GIA AAA are clean, round, excellent match in with white bodies with the correct overtone colors or multi-color pearls can be absolutely beautiful. Many mixed pearls colors and with other gems offer a more affordable design. Baroque and Keshi shapes also offer very unique beauty with one of a kind. Gem On offers white pearl pendants on .925 14K– 18K yellow and rose gold for a precious piece you will cherish forever.

Regional Differences and Comparisons

Indonesian, Australian and Philippines are leaders in the some of the finest Gold Lipped mollusk production today.