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Length and Cleaning Guide

Necklaces Length & Sizing

Please check this guide for proper lengths.Gem On uses typical necklaces guidelines for their necklaces when crafting our sterling silver, gold and gold plated. The following are actually lengths of our jewelry. Collar, Choker, Princess, and Matinee Lengths are the most common lengths seen in retail stores.

Name Length Measurement

  • Collar Often 12-13 inches (30-33cm)
  • Choker 14-16 inches (36-41cm)
  • Princess 17-19 inches (43-48cm)
  • Matinee 20-24 inches (51-61cm)
  • Opera 30-36 inches (76-79cm)
  • Rope Over 36 inches (91cm)

Cleaning and Care For Pearls, Precious and Semi Precious Stones:

Pearls love to be touched, this is what separate natural cultured pearls from costume jewelry! They are different, they feel smooth, and are alive. The pearl goes through changes overtime and should never be exposed to harsh chemical such as hydrogen peroxide, hair spray, perfumes, makeup or any cleaning products with chemicals. The GIA accepted standards for diamonds and colored stones cleaning does not recommend using toothbrushes or any type of brush, this will scratch cultured pearls.
  • Pearls should be gently cleaned with a soft dampened cloth with water, no soap or detergents.
  • Lay them on a towel to dry and allow the string to dry before wearing as the damp string or silk will attract dirt.
  • Avoid any contact with the surfaces or other objects.
  • Apply all makeup and perfumes before you apply your Gem On jewelry.
  • Wipe pearls and gemstones with a clean damp cloth before putting them away.
  • Gem On Jewelry, LLC offers a 30 day money back guarantee only if jewelry or pearls have not been damaged, pearls are not as hard as diamonds or sapphires, please remember not the hardest of gems.
Any return to Gem On will be inspected for damaged for the following:
  • Chemicals
  • Hair spray containing chemicals
  • Perfume
  • Cleaning products such as cleansers, chlorine, and ammonia will create "pits" in pearls as well as gold alloys
  • Chemical are hazardous and will dull the pearls nacre forever.
Pearls stands should be re-strung on silk or the most current material in the pearl industry  typically once a year,  the following guide is recommended by Gem On:
  • There is room between the pearl and the knot
  • The silk has stretch between the knots separating the pearls
  • The silk separating the pearls is frayed or colored silk