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Gemstone Education


Gem On Jewelry, LLC is dedicated to the highest quality gemstones in degree of their color saturation, depth of tone and purity and within guidelines of the AGTA. Other traces of color which are very “small” and those with a lot of saturated color are better values. Gem On Jewelry, LLC Gemstone Collection offers some of the highest-quality colored gemstones available. Nearly all gemstones today, including Gem On Jewelry, LLC stones, have been treated to enhance their color. Many treatments include heating, commonly seen with sapphire, citrine, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and aquamarine. Blue Topaz is commonly irradiated on almost all stones. Freshwater come both in natural and bleached color varietites, bleaching techniques are very common in the freshwater pearl industry.   Gem On Jewelry only creates South Sea pearls design in "natural color".


Gem On gemstones quality encompass pure color of that stone and “small” hues of other colors, these stones are considered the most valuable. A few of the gemstone examples of Aquamarine hues range from “bluish tint of cerulean to cyan aqua” and “greenish tones”. Amethyst hues range “light pinkish violet to deep purple” exhibiting one or both of secondary hues blue and red. Amethyst displaying greenish hue is Prasiolite. Citrine hues from pale “pink rose to reddish” hues. Opal hues can be found on the “Opal Classification Page”.


Tone represents the depth of color, ranging from colorless to black. Gemstone tone is described as "light," "medium-light," "medium," "medium-dark," and "dark." Gem On offers gemstones with the most sought-after tones that fall within the medium-light to medium-dark range. For all of our gemstone jewelry, you'll find any tone variations are called out in the gemstone details.


Saturation, or color purity, refers to the degree to which the gem is free from brown or gray hues. The most desirable gemstones, which show little gray or brown, are often described as having "vivid" or "strong" color saturation. Generally, the levels of color saturation will not be called out in the product details because the gemstones in our jewelry are hand-selected for their vivid colors.