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Question: How do I select the right pearl?

Answer: Gem On Designs, LLC pearl jewelry is crafted with quality selections of pearls grading A-AAA. AAA pearls are reserved as excellent luster (EL), clean surface (CL), and Akoya pearls being the highest luster. We recommend wearing AAA pearls during a special occasion. Near Round, Button, Drop, and Oval should be worn for all occasions and with any attire, these shapes can also be graded into A-AAA, perfect round shape is still considered in higher demand today. Please see our Education department

Question: How do I receive confirmation of purchase after I have checked out in?

Answer: You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase with Order Number at the email you have provided to Gem On Jewelry, LLC when you registered with us.

Question: How do I track my package?

Answer: When Gem On Jewelry, LLC ships your package, a confirmation email is sent is sent to your inbox with a email confirmation with the carrier link for status of your package. Please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Question: Is my purchase insured?

Answer: Your precious stone and semi-precious stone jewelry is insured for the value of the product purchased. If you receive your product damaged or the gift box is damaged, please contact our returns@gemonjewelry.com. Please include your order number in the subject line and we will contact you within 12 hours. Please see our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee regarding return guidelines.

 Question: What happens if I do not receive my order?

Answer: When your order is purchased, you will have the ability to select various types of shipping services. Your emailed invoice will contain the tracking number for your shipment and Delivery Confirmation.

Question: How do I find official information and codes regarding natural and enhanced gemstones for the gemstone product I am purchasing?

Answer: The American Gem Trade Association Manual recent 12th Edition can be downloaded from our download area.

Question: Where do I find more information about Gem On Jewelry, LLC GIA pearl grading?

Answer: The GIA Pearl Desciptions.pdf can be found under the Distributor, Downloads section on our website. Please feel free to contact us should you still have questions.