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At Gem on Jewelry, LLC, we make a commitment to our customers. We specialize in elegant, high quality, classic, stylish, affordable gemstone, semi-precious, south sea and fresh water pearl jewelry. Our prices and discounted monthly specials are 50-70% off. Gem on Jewelry, LLC customer's cherish owning jewelry that is handcrafted with the finest gold and silver for budgets of today. Customers cherish authenticated semi-precious stone jewelry and beautiful pearls, the jewelry are unlimited!

Gem on Jewelry, LLC is an accredited Gemological Institute of America's Grauduate Pearl Grading institution with top class pearl grading experience.  We travel direct to top Asia pearl farms and sources to hand select pearls and semi-precious stones to ensure the craftsmanship and quality that Gem on Jewelry, LLC customer expect.  The process of pearl grading, matching pearls, drilling, and selection of pearls is a science. Appropriate metals such as 14kt/18kt white/yellow gold and  .925 silver are selected for best color matching for each pearl color and stone.

Choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings for your love one. In each product you selected, Gem on Jewelry, LLC has the ultimate design matching system on each product page you select recommending the trendiest product we carry which will compliment a complete Gem on Jewelry, LLC Design.

Every collection will always have value from the day you purchase the item and guaranteed with 30 days money guarantee.