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Doublet Opal Pear Cut Pendant

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  • Color: Blue Green Orange Red
  • Grade: N5
  • Shape: Pear
  • Material: Doublet Opal Inlay
  • Origination: Australiz
  • Mounting: .925 .85g
  • Firecolor: Quite Bright Blue-Green-Red Flash
  • Luster: Average Transparent
  • Matching: n/a
  • Nacre: n/a
  • Size: .75g
  • Surface: Polished
  • Inclusions: None

Doublet Opal Pear Cut .75CT CZ.31 .925 .85g. Gorgeous pear "en cabochon" cut doublet light opal inlay grade N5 with strong play of colors of orange, red, blue and green. This cabochon cut opal allows for a distinct play of colors and strong pinfine red flash characterized in a harlequin pattern. It's .31CT cubic zircon stones create a formal appearance and glamour to this beautiful pendant. Education regarding light opals can be found here Light Opal Classification