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Doublet Opal Flame Pattern Pendant

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  • Color: Blue Green Red Gold Lime Green
  • Grade: N5-N-7
  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Doublet Oval
  • Origination: Australia
  • Mounting: .925 SS 2.02g
  • Firecolor: Red Vibrant
  • Luster: Very Transparent
  • Matching: n/a
  • Nacre: n/a
  • Size: .90CT
  • Surface: Polished
  • Inclusions: Slight

Doublet Opal .90CT .925 SS 2.02g Flame Pattern. Fabulous flame pattern doublet opal in our opal collection containing the greatest amount of fire. This is the only opal we carry at the moment which displays a play of so many multicolors and is only one of a kind. This opal is vibrant and showy of golden yellow and lime green pinfire. It is rare to see this color combined with deep blue, red pinfire, and aquamarine, a treasure to have in our collection. To learn more about these body tones and colors, visit our opal classification education department Opal Classification