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Doublet Inlay White Opal Earrings

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  • Color: Blue Green
  • Grade: N-7-N9
  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Solid Inlay White Opal
  • Origination: Australia
  • Mounting: .925 SS
  • Firecolor: Blue Body Tone Harlequin Pattern
  • Luster: Vivid Blue
  • Matching: n/a
  • Nacre: n/a
  • Size: WO .65CT .02CT DI 1.86 SS
  • Surface: None
  • Inclusions: Clean

Doublet Inlay White Opal Earrings .65CT .02DI 1.86 SS. This beautifully designed white opal contains a blue body complimented by a harlequin pattern of mid tone and dark tone dark blue. This opal inlay design is complimented by an ironstone setting. Ironstone is native to the mines of Coober Pedy Australia rock formations. Learn more about white opals in our opal classification section here White Opal Classification