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Black Tahitian South Sea Pearl Ring

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  • Color: Blue Green Hue Pink Overtone persaudes those who prefer to have one of the most rarest of Tahitian pearls, not all Tahitian pearls are black
  • Grade: AA is not AAA, climate changes can create a typhoon or even red tide which can prevent every pearl from being perfect, this pearl will ensure you are gorgeous, humankind is not perfect; a closed lagoon for cultivation is best
  • Shape: Round is the highest cultivation level, the pearl farm cared for the mollusk well
  • Material: South Sea  Pearl   
  • Origination: Tahiti, remember it is not grown in Tahiti, Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia
  • Mounting: .925 SS, our unique branding that enables all those dreaming of owning a Tahitian pearl ring
  • Luster: Very Good, not at all that Excellent but very, very close to the point that it is a subtle difference
  • Matching: Does not apply here, only necklaces or where pearls are matched
  • Nacre: Acceptable, by GIA standards this is the standard
  • Size: 10-11mm, incredible cultivation time of 3-7 years
  • Surface: Excellent
  • Inclusions: None

Cultivated in the mollusk Margaritifera of Polynesia, Tahitian cultivation started in the 1960's.   This rare and highly 10-11mm Tahitian pearl is captured on our .925 sterling silver Gem On swirl design ring mount. This pearl is soft, satin luster, exoctic;  it shows strength and authority!  The design is simple, affordable and most importantly is rare with rose′ overtone.